I’ve been playing the saxophone for 7 years now and started when I was 10 years old. The reason for starting was because my teacher of 7 years came to my school to convince us to learn a woodwind instrument and I couldn’t say no to playing the saxophone! I’ve always loved jazz and funk music so when I got the chance to play a instrument that was such a big contributor to that music, I was really excited.
My first two years of playing were just for learning the basics; I never was in any bands or ensembles, but after those two years I joined several bands and then my playing really improved. I would say that being in a band is one of the best ways to learn which is also why I love ASO as I’ve learnt so much there. I discovered ASO from one of my mates who also played saxophone and thought I would come along to a rehearsal and I was definitely not disappointed, ASO is loads of fun and a great laugh. I’m so glad I’ve joined and I hope I stay in it for a lot longer. This group is definitely completely different from all the other groups I’m in because it’s got a big range of age and talent, there’s beginners and experts and we all learn from each other which is great. My first impression of the band was that it was that ASO is incredible, the band is original and I had never seen anything like it, the music is a challenge which is great as that helps me and everyone else to learn. I’ve enjoyed every second of playing in ASO.
I would definitely recommend joining even if you’ve not been playing for a long time, if you want to develop your skills and gain some great friends along the way I would definitely say to join this amazing group.