Having not actually received any proper saxophone lessons at all, I feel being a part of the orchestra has pretty much made up for that. It’s allowed me to become a better and more confident player, especially through playing in the quartet. I joined the orchestra when I was in S3, and it allowed me to make many friends out-with school, as well as becoming better friends with those I studied with. Had I not attended the orchestra, I’d still be in this bubble of thinking there were only two kinds of sax: curly and tall curly.
I don’t think I would have ever have had the opportunity to play any other kind of saxophone had it not been for the orchestra. Being in the orchestra in my senior years of school in particular gave me the confidence to organise my own saxophone quartet within my school, to the point where we were one of the favourite and most looked forward to acts in the school concerts!

Now, as a trainee music teacher, the opportunities I’ve had within the orchestra and the quartet have been so very valuable to me and my training. They’ve given me that extra experience I feel I needed to be as confident a student teacher as I am now. I’ve always seen the orchestra as a safe place to demonstrate my arrangements and improve on my conducting and directing skills, too, which can be linked back to classroom management in my classroom. Had it not been for joining the orchestra six years ago I don’t think I would be considering a masters degree in conducting just now!