When I look back at the reasons why I decided to study music I have to acknowledge the role that the Saxophone Orchestra has played in my decision go on and study music. I joined the Saxophone Orchestra when I was a very inexperienced young saxophonist and I quickly found that the orchestra was a fantastic way of getting me to interact with and learn from more experienced players, in a fun and relaxed setting. This helped my technique develop and allowed my playing to mature much more than it otherwise would have. The Saxophone Orchestra also gave me a link to Richard Ingham who always manages to make rehearsals exciting and teach in a very fun and effective way.
Richard has become one of my main saxophone inspirations and has continued to be an inspiration through the Saxophone Orchestra, inspiring myself and several other saxophonists to follow a career in music. The Saxophone Orchestra has showed me how much fun music can be and has given me what will be a lifelong passion for the saxophone, without which I wouldn't be studying music. I would probably be studying something dreadfully boring like accounting instead.
In short the Saxophone Orchestra has become one of the most important influences on my future career and therefore will have a lifelong effect on myself for which I am very grateful.