It all started on a Tuesday towards the end of session 2015-16 in my busy wee school.
Youth Music Initiative offered the school a visit from a Saxophone group. This ‘group’ was led by Richard Ingham and comprised 4 Aberdeen University Music students who were sharing their learning.
We had a fabulous morning and wished the visit could have lasted longer.
In a way, for me, it did. That day I decided that I would mark my upcoming 50th birthday by learning to play the saxophone. I was so excited by what I had experienced that I wanted a part of it.
I duly received a saxophone for my birthday in the October and then began fortnightly lessons.
Jump forward 18 months and I was in the fortunate position of being able to join the saxophone orchestra, directed by the same Richard Ingham and played alongside (though at an entirely different level) the girls who had been to the school to demonstrate. It was an exciting moment for me and gave me a real sense of achievement.
I have been a regular attender since then and continue to get much pleasure from the experience. I would recommend the orchestra to any budding saxophonist no matter what age or stage in life and learning. They are a great bunch and Richard is a natural leader, teacher and inspiration to many. A privilege to work with.