At 7 years old I got the opportunity to play the recorder at school. These were whole class lessons and a great chance to play. Progressing to high school and a bigger recorder- my dad suggested that I ask the music teacher if there was anything else I could play.
The woodwind instructor just happened to be there in the room when I asked.
He took a look at my hands and suggested an instrument I’d never even heard of - the bassoon.... which was probably bigger than me in first year -
Another lad and I got to share the instrument cos they were few and far between. When he left the school a year or so later I was the only bassoon player out of 1500 pupils.
I got to play in every band and orchestra that was going, and was even able to audition for the Fife youth orchestra. We toured the north of Scotland and even over to play in St. Magnus cathedral in Orkney and we were on the radio too!
When I left school I left the bassoon behind 😥 sad day...
I moved to ABERDEEN, met my boyfriend, then fiancé who, as a present for getting my degree in architecture, bought me a tenor sax.
I did try the clarinet at evening classes while still at school, but didn’t have much time to practice- the sax and clarinet fingerings are very similar.
Fast forward- to 2007, when the Inverurie orchestra started and I began again on the clarinet. I saved up enough money to buy my own bassoon as tenor saxes didn’t play in classical orchestras.
Then a few years later the inverurie wind band was formed and I decided to try the sax again. Wow great fun and many many new friends made. I met Foss, Sonia, Mandy, Ben
and Bruce who were all in the ASO as well. I went along one week, met Richard, and had a fantastic time. Playing regularly has helped with my confidence and I now also play in the Aberdeen community big band, playing at the Stonehaven beer festival, and another summer festival last year, again meeting some fab folks.  So theres where I'm at now.
I really need to retire from working and just play jazz!