When I retired in 2004 after 30 years offshore I decided to learn to play an instrument. I bought a guitar, a piano and a soprano saxophone. I was asked to come back after 2 years and took the most practical, the sax. I was allowed to practice on the helideck only, but there were complaints that I was scaring away helicopters, and the Standby vessel thought that the platform had set off an emergency stations alarm. 
I persisted and now really enjoy playing in the orchestra and a quartet called Tattie Sax.
When I started playing the sax I could not read music but tutors like Justin Brooke, Mike Brogan and Richard Ingham have had an incredible influence on me. 
I am chair of the Book of Deer project have been fortunate to receive funding from the project to commission Richard to compose a suite of Music for the Monastery of Deer which is about to be released on CD. Richard is an incredible player, composer, tutor and influencer. We are so lucky to have him as a coach. The orchestra has been fantastic for me giving me a reason to practice and it is a very sociable thing to do. If you have a saxophone and would really like to improve your playing I could not recommend joining the orchestra enough.
I also sing in Peterhead Choral Society and there is no doubt that joining the Orchestra and learning to read music has greatly improved my appreciation of music at all levels.