I have been playing the saxophone for around 6 or 7 years now and am receiving lessons from tutors at Aberdeenshire music centre. I first chose to play the saxophone as I had been playing the guitar and I really enjoyed music and the saxophone seemed like the coolest instrument. So when I was offered the chance I was more than keen. I play in many different school bands and music centre groups as well as few bands out-with school. However the ASO is the only saxophone only band that I have ever been in. I was first told about ASO by my music teacher as well as by a friend who was currently in it.
I decided to come along so that I meet and hear other saxophonists. ASO is a great opportunity for me as I get the chance to play the bass saxophone as well as other types of saxophones that I haven't seen before. ASO has helped me a lot musically as I have learned a lot more playing techniques on the saxophone as well as finding out about many more opportunities to play such as saxophone masterclasses and big bands.