I first picked up the sax in Loriston Primary school aged 8, when a woman came in with a selection of instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone) for people in our primary to try out for 6 months and I immediately fell in love with the saxophone. Since then I have passed my grade three and grade 5 saxophone exams, started learning drum kit and developed my knowledge of music theory.

As well as taking part in the Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra for the past year or so, I’ve also been taking part in the junior concert band in Fraserburgh Academy on Saturdays and have done for 2 years now, and I’ve recently started taking part in the senior youth orchestra in Mintlaw primary school on Fridays.
I also take part in school events such as musician of the year (which I won last time) and the performing arts showcases.

I first heard of the Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra from my mum when she found it on a website and encouraged me to go so I decided to give it a try to see if I would enjoy it and to try something new. My first impressions were simply “wow”. The first things I noticed were the many different types of saxophones used. I found it interesting hearing about the the different kinds present and was rather impressed. The pieces that we played were also excellent. I loved that there were some pieces we played as a warm up, some for improvisation, others that were fairly easy and others that were really challenging and a long term project, in comparison to other orchestras which often play pieces of just the same difficulty level.

I feel like I’ve taken a lot out of the experience that is Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra. I’ve developed a lot both in my confidence in playing and my quality of playing the saxophone, and I most certainly owe a lot of that experience to the saxophone orchestra. I would definitely recommend the orchestra to anyone with a saxophone who is trying to developer their playing, confidence, meet new people or just have fun.