I have been involved with the Aberdeenshire Saxophone orchestra for around 7 years now. The saxophone orchestra gave me my first opportunity to play the soprano saxophone, even lending me the instrument to practice with at home. I have continued to play soprano throughout my university degree and even performed it for my final recital which would not have been possible without the opportunity given to me by the Saxophone Orchestra.

I have continued to attend rehearsals during my university degree. This has given me opportunities to conduct, lead sectional rehearsals and witness different rehearsal techniques used by Richard to get the most out of each player. I have also visited primary schools as part of the Saxophone quartet and this has given me invaluable performance and teaching experience. I am now in my final year as a student music teacher and would not be nearly as confident in my ability to teach if it had not been for the opportunities I have had as a member of the Saxophone Orchestra.