I learned to read music at school in Huntly and an opportunity arose to play a musical instrument for the school orchestra. I wanted to play the trumpet but there was only a trombone so I played that in my last 4 years. I also played in a community wind band and there was a saxophone player who produced a beautiful mellow sound on a tenor sax. I vowed that one day I would play it.
Fast forward 40 plus years and I acquired a tenor sax. Self teaching was no good and with lessons I managed to sound almost like the player in the community band. I did a few grades and joined the Aberdeen Concert Band and then the Inverurie Concert Band. One of my teachers, Justin Brook, told me about the Aberdeenshire Sax Orchestra and suggested I go along. It was great. I really enjoy playing with other sax players. There is a real skill mix, young and oldish. with some very accomplished players and we all learn from one another. We are totally inspired by Richard our musical director who is highly skilled at bringing the best out of us and the end result is there for you to hear.