y a musical instrument in P5. Initially I ended up with a complete random instrument – French Horn – but I struggled to play, so I swapped to Euphonium. The size of the instrument went down like a lead balloon with my parents as they were expecting me to play something much smaller. I played euphonium for several years, becoming a member of the School Orchestra and the Town Brass Band.
I do remember hearing someone playing the sax in the music dept., and liked it, but never had the confidence nor the conviction to say that I would have liked a go. I eventually gave up music at school to concentrate on scientific subjects, but several years later mentioned to my partner that I would like to try playing the sax, to which she replied, “go and do it”. That was about 6 years ago. Since then, I haven’t looked back.
I wasn’t really looking to play in a group, but saw the video of ASO at The Stone Circle and noticed my tutor was one of them (sorry Ben) and it seemed a fun group to be in. That was a few months ago. All I can say is that ASO is a great group to be in and every rehearsal is full of laughs.