I started playing flute in primary through the Aberdeenshire council lessons and soon after, I picked up the saxophone. Flute and saxophone are very similar fingerings and so learning flute gave me a head start when teaching myself saxophone. I started playing saxophone in school bands and then my flute teacher told me about Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra. I decided to go. My first impression was, what an unusual group of funny people, and to be honest this opinion still hasn’t changed... however, each time I go to an ASO rehearsal I get closer to all the members and I increasingly love the individuality and uniqueness the people bring to the group. It’s not often you get the opportunity to play in a saxophone orchestra, and be part of such a close group of mixed ages and abilities who all share the love of the saxophone. The group is lead by Richard Ingham who is one of the most enthusiastic and engaging conductors I have ever met. There’s not a better person to conduct the tiring 6 hour rehearsals and make it as fun, exciting and educational as Richard does. I have learnt so much from everyone in this group and I’m greatly appreciative for the opportunities it has given me and the lessons it has taught me, both musically and personally. I can’t wait for future ASO rehearsals and concerts, they’re just as enjoyable every time.