I first started playing the saxophone in my mid thirties. Although I had been very involved with music throughout my school years, with piano lessons, recorder, percussion groups and choirs, I drifted away from playing music until my mid thirties, when, following a major illness which caused serious problems with my lungs, I decided to try saxophone playing, as it was an instrument I had always fancied trying; so as part of my rehab, I thought it would be a fun way to get my breathing back on track.
 I loved the weekly lessons I had at the time, and very quickly got hooked on the pleasure of playing saxophone! Through Chalmers MacKay music school, I was given an opportunity to have a lesson with Richard Ingham. At the lesson, Richard suggested that I might enjoy coming along to Aberdeenshire saxophone orchestra. I have not looked back since! I absolutely love playing with the orchestra, and have been so honoured to have had the amazing guidance and encouragement from Richard Ingham, a world renowned saxophonist and tutor.
As an adult, it can sometimes be difficult to find groups to play with unless you are a professional musician, so this has been such a great opportunity to do one of my very favourite things: to play with other people. Through this orchestra, I have very special friends, and play regularly with some of them in a saxophone quartet. I also now enjoy playing with a local concert band.