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January Rehearsal

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We had a wonderful turnout today from both Ugie Voices Choir and the Sax Orchestra.

There were a couple of Covid absences but we’ve been very lucky ( and careful ) so far.

We had our first chance to hear the movement called ‘To My Flute’ which features choir and solo

Bass sax. One of our composer Ben Lunn’s jokes, but very effective.

The composition is based on original poetry by the 19th

century local poet William Thom.

We listened to Gordon Hay, one of the choir, reciting ‘The

Mitherless Bairn’.

It sounded amazing but since it was read in the original

Doric (the language of this part of Scotland) many of the

orchestra who are not Doric speakers were none the


This was our last full rehearsal with Richard before we

record this all on 19th February and it is coming together

very well now.

Both groups have found it a bit strange practicing individually for something that needs the rest of the parts for the full effect but we are getting there.

Richard Ingham
Richard conducting the choir...

Ugie Voices
...who were in good voice

ASO phone breaks
..but some of the younger ones needed phone breaks

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