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Encouraging start for Aberdeenshire orchestra 

A call for members to join Aberdeenshire Saxophone 

Orchestra resulted in a total of 23 players turning up 

for the first session. 

By Morag Kuc 

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 3:44 pm 

Foss and Daisy with saxophones

Six  new  members  joined  the  orchestra  from  Mintlaw, Aberdeen,  Collieston  and  Banff  and  on  the  day  they  were also  joined  by  Tim,  a  retired  dentist  from  Dallas  near Elgin,  Franziska,  a  teenager  from  Aboyne  and  Daisy, aged  ten,  the  orchestra’s  youngest  recruit,  from Rosehearty.

Commenting  on  her  experience,  Daisy  said  she

managed  to  play  four  lines  and  the  odd  note  and  was very  happy  about  that,  thanks  to  the  nice  lady  who  took her  under  her  wing.

That  ‘nice  lady’  was  Briony  Mair,  head  teacher  at Kininmonth  Primary  School.

Briony  joined  the  orchestra  after  Richard  Ingham  (the orchestra’s  music  director)  brought  the  ‘Youth  Music Initiative’-funded  Jazz  Music  Program  to  her  school.

The  orchestra  was  originally  formed  11  years  ago  but was  a  victim  of  its  success,  with  Creative  Scotland pulling  their  funding  once  more  than  half  of  the  orchestra

were  now  adults.

However,  those  adults  got  together  and  formed  a  new, independent  organisation,  gained  SCIO  status  and  are determined  to  continue  and  grow  the  orchestra.

Their  mission  is  to  recruit  as  many  youngsters  as possible,  with  those  under  16,  or  in  full-time  education, enjoying  the  orchestra  free  of  charge,  with  adults  paying term  fees  which  help  to  keep  it  running. New  members  are  always  welcome.

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