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I’ve been playing the saxophone for 7 years now and started when I was 10 years old. The reason for starting was because my teacher of 7 years came to my school to convince us to learn a woodwind instrument and I couldn’t say no to playing the saxophone! I’ve always loved jazz and funk music so when I got the chance to play a instrument that was such a big contributor to that music, I was really excited.



It all started on a Tuesday towards the end of session 2015-16 in my busy wee school.
Youth Music Initiative offered the school a visit from a Saxophone group. This ‘group’ was led by Richard Ingham and comprised 4 Aberdeen University Music students who were sharing their learning.



Having not actually received any proper saxophone lessons at all, I feel being a part of the orchestra has pretty much made up for that. It’s allowed me to become a better and more confident player, especially through playing in the quartet.



I've sung in choirs and played folk guitar for many years. I had piano lessons when I was a chid and any love for the instrument was beaten out of me by the two elderly piano teachers who tried to beat it into me.
It was quite by chance that I chose the saxophone really.



When I look back at the reasons why I decided to study music I have to acknowledge the role that the Saxophone Orchestra has played in my decision go on and study music. I joined the Saxophone Orchestra when I was a very inexperienced young saxophonist and I quickly found that the orchestra was a fantastic way of getting me to interact with and learn from more experienced players, in a fun and relaxed setting.



At 7 years old I got the opportunity to play the recorder at school. These were whole class lessons and a great chance to play. Progressing to high school and a bigger recorder- my dad suggested that I ask the music teacher if there was anything else I could play.

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