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RPS Award - Not a Win but a Success Nonetheless!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Well, we didn’t win the award but being nominated and then placed on a shortlist of 6 groups from around the entire country is surely accolade enough!

Foss went down to the event from Banff, Jane from Phoenix Sax Orchestra came from Market Harborough and Richard went along from Bermondsey.

Here we are celebrating:

The award category that we were in was the Inspiration Award; watching all the other category entrants was pretty inspirational!

Even being in the same awards ceremony as Nicola Bernadetti and English National Opera is a bit breathtaking.

There were stunning live performances by Abel Selaocoe on cello, Ashby Mayes on Bassoon and winners of the Young Artist award, The Hermes Experiment. Aberdeen's Sound Festival had a winner in the shape of Laura Bowler with her Chamber-Scale composition, Wicked Problems. With COP26 happening at this moment, a timely piece about Climate Change.

We flew the flag for saxophones in classical music as we were the only representatives of our instrument.

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