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Socially Distant Sax at Standing Stones - July 2020

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

It had been fun doing the Bakehouse of Fleet Lockdown video so we decided to make another one.

This would also be one of Richard's compositions, The Dance at Easter Aquorthies, from his Aberdeenshire Suite. Christian suggested that we should film at Easter Aquorthies as the stones were set at a safe social distance for saxophone playing.

When the Covid travel restrictions were relaxed in late July we decided to do exactly that! Only a few of us could actually attend in person but the other members contributed audio and or video footage towards the effort.

Once again, Bebhionn (3rd from left) bravely volunteered to produce the video or in fact what turned out to be a small movie!

The result was a great success and we have yet to think up a way to follow it.

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