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June Rehearsal

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

19th June - A day of innovations

ASO’s new team organisational structure was put to the test.

Our Dots Wrangler was suddenly unable to come to the rehearsal, but luckily we had a depute already in place who was able to pick up all spare copies of the printed scores and bring them along.

Likewise our Front of House team was leaderless first thing but her depute sprang into action and brought the housekeeping box so that we had our refreshments on hand- equally vital to the smooth running of rehearsal day!

Refreshments during rehearsal
Making use of the refreshments

This was our second session with Mike and our second innovation of the day was that Mike recorded each piece that we worked on during the day.

Recording rehearsal
Mike testing the recording functionality

We then posted the resulting videos to our unlisted YouTube channel so that everyone can use them for revision and no one need worry about missing a rehearsal.

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