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May Rehearsal

Updated: May 24, 2022

Mike Brogan with Baritone Sax
Mike Brogan

And yet another MD!

ASO are so lucky that we’ve been able to find

excellent replacements for our recently retired MD

Richard Ingham. We didn’t necessarily need two to

make up for one, but in Cat Evison and Mike Brogan

we have struck gold.

We’ve had a couple of lovely rehearsals with Cat, and

last Sunday it was Mike’s turn.

It was an excellent session.

Mike and Cat have their own individual styles of

direction but they are working together as a team so

that we get a consistent experience.

They have been friends since college days at Guildhall and The National

Saxophone Choir and are delighted to be working together again.

We are equally delighted to be the recipients of this partnership.

Like Richard before them, they are both performing saxophonists as

well as being University Educators and their direction is full of

invaluable sax-specific playing tips.


Not content with one new thing at this rehearsal, we were

experimenting with zooming part of the day to members of Phoenix

Saxophone Orchestra, our friends in Market Harborough.

Phoenix are intending to come up to visit us in June 2023 for a joint

concert and mini tour.

The piece that we chose to rehearse together like this is The Hebrides

Overture (Fingal’s Cave) which is quite a challenging piece and newly

arranged especially for Saxophone Orchestra by our friend at

Blow&Blast, Trona Melville-Mason.

Another innovation is that these sessions are being recorded and

posted to our private YouTube channel for those who couldn’t attend or those who live too far

away to travel regularly to rehearsals. These recordings will also be available for all members to

use for revision.

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