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Summer of 2022

In a break with tradition, we decided not to stop over the summer but to carry on with rehearsals.

In spite of people’s summer holidays we had good attendances and got a lot of work done.

To help Phoenix Saxophone Orchestra rehearse with us for next June’s tour, we have been

experimenting with making videos of the rehearsals and posting them to YouTube.

Equally this should be useful for those who have to miss rehearsals.

Cat with the recording equipment
Cat with the recording equipment

Not only did we carry on with all this activity but we ran a special workshop on the afternoon of the Saturday preceding one of the rehearsals.

This was delivered by Cat and it was ostensibly a conducting workshop but cleverly designed to demonstrate how understanding and trying conducting enhances everyone’s musicality.

This was very enjoyable and very useful. More of these workshops, on a variety of subjects, are planned for the future.

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